We will be closed on Monday January 2nd.

Our Turnaround Times have been affected company wide for all services due to increased order volume. You can view our current turnaround times here

What is included in the price you pay

When you purchase a service from us it includes the following:


  1. All parts and labor except those listed under "Excludes".
  2. The diagnostic fee or service charge is inlcuded.


  1. The display or "screen" (Replacements can at times be hard to find or not available)
  2. The Transformer
  3. The Touchpad / Keypad (Additional labor to repair touchpads may happen depending on the severity of the problem)
  4. The IC or CMOS chipset
The above exlusions are rare and occur in less than 5% of the repairs we do. However these parts are additonal money. If we have a situation where an excluded part is bad we will contact you and let you know what the cost to replace it will be. We do not charge additional labor to replace these parts unless specifically noted above, you will simply be purchasing the part at our direct cost.


Warranty for Service Products

Repair Service Product warranties are product specific. Please refer to the product listing for warranty details.

Service Charges

The Repair Shack charges a $49.99 Service Charge for all Repair Servce Products. It is included in the advertised price. This charge covers the time investment into diagnosing your problematic component. The remaining amount of the advertised price covers the parts and labor for the actual repair. In the event that we are unable to repair your component, you will receive a refund of the purchase price paid minus the $49.99 service fee and the shipping charge. If your component is beyond repair and you choose to have us dispose of your board, we will also refund 100% of the shipping charge.


Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are for the return shipping of your component once the repair has been completed. If the repair is unsuccessful you will be given the option to have your non-repairable board sent back to you or disposed of locally with a certified recylcer. We will refund 100% of the shipping if the board is recycled locally. If we send the board back to you, the shipping is non-refundable. If you paid for a expedited shipping and we were unable to repair the component, and you choose to have the component sent back to you, then we will issue a partial refund of the expideted shipping so that you are only being charged for our standard shipping rate unless you opt to have the non-functional component expidited back.



Customer Abandonment

When a customer stops responding to our attempts to communicate about their order, due to limited storage capacity we can only store orders for 60 days following the last known contact with the customer. This means that 60 days AFTER the customer stops responding to phone calls, text messages and/or emails, we will dispose of the board and close the order. If a repair has been made on the board then the customer will still be responsible for all fees and services paid for. If a repair has not been made but the board has been diagnosed then the customer will pay our diagnostic fee but will be refunded the remaining balance paid. If no work has been done on the order then the full amount will be refunded. 


Please contact us at 913-732-0514 or at sales@therepairshack.com if you have any questions.