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Buying new Appliances is at the bottom of most peoples' list when it's unexpected. We can't fix every board we get... (we fix about 95%), however we only charge a $49.99 diagnostic if the board can't be repaired. $49.99 sounds a lot less than $1000+ to replace your average appliance. If you are going to throw money away, do it on something fun, like a vacation! In most cases we save our customers over $1000. What would you do with $1000? Our service will correct all major failures with your appliance or electronic control board(s). To keep it simple, we have some seriously smart technicians that will use highly developed skills and a touch of wizardry to repair your part. Some of the common issues you may be experiencing include:

F-Code errors on the display

Display not working properly or not at all

Damage due to electrical shock or lighting strike

Broiler function not turning on or staying on once turned on

Bake function not turning on or staying on once turned on

Self Clean or Convection function not turning on or staying on once turned on

Oven not holding temperature or reaching set temperature

Defrost Function breaks or isn't working properly

Something on or around the circuit board catches on fire... yeah... we can fix that too!

Other parts of the appliance or electronic not working properly

If you don't see your problem or your part number listed above or on our site, that's ok, we can fix just about anything... seriously! Just call us if you want to double check. Don't like to make phone calls? No problem, you can Text us! We have certified text specialists just waiting to put their thumbs to use! Click here the view our contact information.

Here is how our process works