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What to Include


We will need a few things from you in order to complete your repair:

1. Documentation (Technical wiring diagrams located inside or behind your appliance) Once you find that you can mail it with your package. If it is the original we will return it to you upon completion. You can also scan and email them to sales@therepairshack.com. Without these diagrams it will cause your order to be placed on hold and dramatically reduce the speed of the repair as we will have to search for them on the internet.

2. We need to know the model number of your appliance. Our direct customers should have the option to type this in during the checkout process, but those who order via eBay must provide this to us.

3. A brief but thorough description of the problem you are experiencing. Not providing a description of your problem will cause your order to be placed on hold until we can reach you.

4. A phone number is required. If you didn't give us a phone number during the checkout process or through eBay, we have no way of contacting you other than by email and that sometimes is not reliable. Please provide us with good way of calling you.

5. The control board AND any additional boards that may be connected to it. You will also need to send any and all wiring harness that connect between the boards. In most cases everything we need is contained on one board, however some brands like to make things more dificult by having different parts seperate from each other. Below is a tutorial on what you need to look for to make sure you are sending all the correct parts to us.

6. When packing your components DO NOT use packing peanuts OR shredded paper. They generate static electricity which can damage your board beyond repair. Additionally they get wedged in between the circuit boards making it very dificult to work with.

7. We recommend that you do NOT send us a package requiring a signature to receive if time is important. The shipping company doesn't always go out of there way to make sure they get a signature from us and will simply hold it at there location or attempt to redilver another day. This can cause unwanted delays in your repair. You can still insure your package without requiring a signature.

8. And finally if you are having any issues finding things or are just confused with any of the above, please do not hesitate to call, text, or email us. We will help you in any way possible. 


There are 3 main components necessary to troubleshoot most control boards.


  • The Transformer - This part looks like the image below. This part converts high voltage electricity down to lower voltage to operate the small components on the control board(s). You will find this typically attached to the board itself, but it is possible that this may be sitting inside your appliance all by itself. You will need to include this when you mail your parts to us.
  • The Digital Display - We need this to test appliance functionallity. This is also typically all contained on the same board as the transformer but in some models they are on seperate boards. Make sure you include the board that this is connected to.
  • The Relays - Below is a picture of what relays look like. These like the above in most cases are contained on the same unit, but in some cases it is also on it's on board seperate from the rest of boards. Please make sure you check to make sure there isn't a seperate board containing only relays on it, if so, please include this too.



Please note that in most cases you will find all three of these components contained on one self contained unit. But in a few cases you will find that these might be in different locations inside your appliance. This serves as a reference to double check that when you send us a board, to make sure you see all three of these components on what you are sending us. If you don't, please check your appliacne to find them in seperate locations. 

If your appliacnce has multiple boards, please make sure you include any cables/wires that run directly from one board to the other. We will need these to make sure that all the boards can communicated properly during the repair process.


Below is an example of the front and back of a appliance board that is all self contained, as you can see all 3 major components are included. So as a rule of thumb, before you ship, make sure you are able to see all three major components on what you are sending, otherwise we will be calling you once we receive it asking you to send the remaining parts.


If at any point you are having trouble locating these parts, don't hesitate to call us @ 913-732-0514. We can help guide you through the process.