Our Turnaround Times have been affected company wide for all services due to increased order volume. You can view our current turnaround times here

Repair Time Status

To All of Our Customers

We have received a large influx of repair requests both nationally and locally. Due to this influx of orders, our turnaround time has increased significantly. Below is the current turnaround time for our primary services. We really do appreciate your continued patience as we navigate the situation that we are experiencing and we hope to return to normal as soon as possible. Please view the FAQ section below for common questions about what our turnaround time is and how we calculate it.

Appliance Control Board Repairs - Nationwide

This is the time it takes us to complete your order once we RECEIVE your part for repair. It does not count the time the part is in transit either to us or from us back to you.
Current Turnaround Time is

8-10 Business Days

Local In Home Appliance Repair - Kansas City Metro Area Only

This is the time it takes for us to get you on our schedule for the initial visit to diagnose your appliance.
Current Turnaround Time is

2 - 4 Business Days

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

How is the Turnaround Time Calculated?

Our turnaround time is the time that it takes for us to repair your part and process it to be shipped. Please note the following:

  • Time begins the business day AFTER your part is received into our system. We receive parts into our system the business day AFTER your part arrives to our facility excluding weekends and holidays. If your part arrives via tracking on Monday, we will receive the part into our system the following Tuesday morning. Please remember that we are closed on holidays and weekends. If tracking shows your part as delivered on a weekend or a holiday, it will not be considered to be received until the next business day.
  • Time in Transit - Our turnaround time does NOT include any time the item is in transit either on its way to us or back to you. We do not have control over how quickly you ship your part to us, nor can we control the time it takes for the shipments to arrive back to you. Please take this into consideration when choosing your shipment options both to us and back to you.
  • Turnaround times are NOT guaranteed - We do everything in our power to provide accurate times to our customers. We work on over 10,000 different part numbers and as such can't always predict the complexity of each repair we do. Please understand that we will never intionally delay the repair of your item as that would be counter productive to ultimate goal we both share which is to get your part repaired and back to you as quickly as possible. If we experience abnormal delays, we try our best to contact you to inform you of any additional delays.
Is there any way to Expedite a control board repair?

Yes!... sort of... We do offer an expedited repair option that can have the board looked at and repaired in 24 - 48 hours of receiving the part. It's $100 extra and it's 100% NON-REFUNDABLE. However we do not allow all customers to expedite their repairs. See below:

  • Need Based - If we allowed every customer to expedite their repair, it would defeat our ability to actually expedite the order. Therefore, we reserve this service to those who absolutely need their part to be expedited. We will take it on good faith that the reason you give us is accurate so we ask that this trust not be abused.
  • Approval Required - Our repair department must review all requests to expedite prior to allowing it. We may require you to text/email us pictures of your part or speak with you directly in order to get a general idea of your issues prior to approving the expedite. Since the fee is non-refundable, we want to ensure that we will be able to give you the best possible outcome. If we thing there is a chance that the board might not be able to be repaired quickly, or that it may need special order parts, we may advise you of this risk prior to allowing you to expedite.
  • Availability - In order to have a 24 hour turnaround time, we are limited in the number of expedited repairs we can do per day. If you need to expedite, we reccommend you call us in the morning.
  • Shipping - Our expedited service does not have any conneciton to the shipping time. If you need the part back asap, please make sure you choose faster shipping options. We can also modify your shipping selection if you call us. This will cause an increase in your shipping costs that will have to be paid prior to shipping it out. Please note that shipments are released to carriers in then morning. If you upgrade to an overnight shipping option the same day we repair your part, we likely will NOT be able to get it into the hands of the carrier until the following morning.
Can the part be diagnosed when it first arrives and repaired via normal turnaround time?

Unfortunately not. Our diagnostic procedure is the longest part of the repair. It only takes us about 10-20 minutes on average to do the actual repair of the control board, however our diagnostic procedure can take several hours depending on how complex the issues are. For that reason there isn't a way for us to simply "check the board" to see if it's repairable. However, we do check for obvious non-repairable signs visually at the time it's received and if we see something that is clearly non-repairable, we will notify you immediately.

How long will my In Home Appliance repair take?

Sometimes we can complete the repair the same day we come out IF we are able to get enough information from you PRIOR to coming out. We try to pre-order parts when we can. However sometimes it's just not an option and we have to come out and diagnose first. The biggest delay will always be the time it takes for parts to arrive. With how busy shipping companies are lately, shipping times are all over the place. We will always try our best to use locally available parts but in the event we can't, it may take some time for the part to arrive. We hope you can understand that this is out of our control as we would love to fix your appliance the same day if we could.